A great white shark leaps out of the water from a tourist boat


A chilling video is going viral showing a great white shark leaping through the air just meters from a tourist boat off Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

Those on the boat can be heard screaming as the predator comes out of the water, biting a baited line towed behind.


People in the shark cage below the surface also got a close view of the great white, Nine News reported.

Tour guide Andrew Wright of Calypso Charters said it was rare to see one jump out of the water so close to a boat.

“There was a lot of cheering and excitement, so everyone was certainly impressed. Seeing them jump out of the water like that, especially at close range, is definitely not a normal occurrence,” said- he declared. Nine News.

“It’s good to see from the boat but also in the cage. So overall it was a good day,” he added.

The shark caused a stir with tourists as Andrew towed a baited line behind the boat. In the video, the shark can be seen flying above the surface as he attempted to grab the piece from below.

Earlier this month, a fisherman caught a great white shark while casting off. According to Things, Joel Gray was fishing with friends off New Zealand’s North Island’s Bay of Plenty when he realized he had caught something. He struggled with his rod for several minutes and was shocked when the shark jumped out of the water in front of them.

A fisherman catches a great white shark by mistake
Joel Cray/The Sun

The massive creature pierced the water several times before the line finally broke and it swam away. The shark appeared to be a child at about 2.5 meters – a third of the height he might one day grow to. The incident came just days after a warning from the local Department of Conservation to stay alert following a number of recent shark sightings.

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