A Tasty Tour of Cheshire’s Easter Gourmet Treats


09:03 March 14, 2022

It will soon be Easter, the perfect excuse to eat your chocolate bodyweight and that other seasonal delicacy, Hot Cross Buns, says Richard Dash, of Lost in Cheshire, the local guide to the Cheshire food scene

Choc’n Roll

Oli the Choc puts the finishing touches on another masterpiece
– Credit: Oli le Choc

Coming from the family chocolate business, Oli will tell you that chocolate is in his DNA.

As a child, he lived in a house with a chocolate factory downstairs (#goals). He saw his father start something from nothing. Using skills learned from his father and drawing inspiration from his family’s journey, Oli navigated his way through the world of chocolate making in a modern world.

Forget the traditional Easter eggs here. You’re more likely to find a Batman, Dr. Dre, or chocolate Legos. To be honest, you think about it, he’ll do it with chocolate. This year for Easter, why not try one of its chocolate-making workshops in person. Sculpt your own treats and unlock your inner chocstar!

@oli_the_choc, olithechoc.com

Chocolate, Dunn Cheshire style

Simon Dunn Chocolatier celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. 40 years of making amazing chocolate and, Simon tells us, the business has never been stronger.

Simon Dunn in his chocolate factory

Simon Dunn
– Credit: Simon Dunn

In 2013 Simon made the bold decision to take his brand off the high streets and back to its roots in High Lane, Stockport, doing away with the cafes and focusing on what they do best: chocolate!

In 2017, Simon had the chance to travel to Ghana with his son to observe cocoa farmers at work up close. Putting pen to paper Simon then published his first book Cocoa the Bean, telling how chocolate goes from the tree to the high-quality Easter treats you’ll find in Simon’s store.

@simon_dunn_choc, simondunchocolates.co.uk

Flour, water, hot rolls

Rows of freshly baked hot buns, all shiny and fresh

Hot cross bun… Come on, sing it now…
– Credit: Farine Eau Sel

An Easter candy table wouldn’t be a complete Easter candy table without the traditional Hot Cross Buns! After all, you’re going to need a break from all that chocolate… Flour Water Salt, an independent artisan bakery in Macclesfield. They have, and we can confirm it, THE best pastries fresh out of the oven. Locals line up around the corner for the chance to catch them fresh from the oven. They also supply local cafes and traders. They make their bread slowly from the finest organic ingredients and everything is handmade. It’s no surprise that their seasonal hot rolls are selling like hot rolls! Be sure to buy them quickly before they’re gone, you don’t want to have to wait another year!

@_flourwatersalt, flourwatersalt.co.uk

Buzzed to Bee here!

Two soft biscuits wrapped around a melting egg with chocolate and caramel

Caramel Egg Cookie Sandwich…oh my!
– Credit: Buzzy Bee

If you’re a bit interested in Cheshire cuisine and the artisans who set the bar high, you’ve no doubt heard of Buzzy Bee. We’ve been following these girls for years – founder Lydia began her journey to baking stardom by trading in artisan stalls around Cheshire. Word traveled fast and his baked goods started selling out before he even exhibited anything. It was time to call in the cavalry so his sister Millie joined the team and they stormed Cheshire together! It’s no surprise that this has now become a family bakery in Wilmslow. This year, the team is inventing its own brownie-stuffed Easter eggs, Cadbury Cream Egg Brownies and Brookies… Mouth-watering too?

@buzzybee, buzzybeebakery.co.uk

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