Andalusia | Almuñécar and La Herradura install tourist information totems


Almuñécar advisers during the launch of the information points. / on

The digital points are part of an agreement between and the town hall of Almuñécar


Six new digital information points, or totems, have been installed at different locations in Almuñécar and La Herradura thanks to a collaboration agreement between the company and the Almuñécar City Hall.

“Each totem pole is equipped with software to inform tourists and residents alike. The outdoor totems are located in Calle Jesús Nazareno, next to the side entrance of the Town Hall and on Paseo Andrés Segovia in La Herradura, next to There are screens installed in the tourist office of the Palacete de La Najarra, the town hall of Almuñécar, the civic center of La Herradura and the municipal sports stadium Francisco Bonet ”, explained the tourism adviser. Daniel Barbero at the launch last week.

The objectives of the new service are to manage and promote tourism resources and products in a modern and efficient way and to continue the digital transformation of the tourist information service, providing 24/7 support.

The new service also aims to “promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) among the local population, reduce operating costs and improve the city’s tourist information system by providing detailed information in real time and reduce the consumption of paper brochures resulting in economic savings and improvement of the environment, ”explained Barbero.

“With the supply and installation of these information totems, we are convinced that modernizing the image and offering another mode of communication will always be well received by residents and visitors, increasingly familiar with new technologies. . With a small investment, a degree of impact will be achieved, “he concluded.


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