Authorities draw up plan to improve equipment in Gajoldoba


To execute the plan, the authority plans to use the resources of the Jalpaiguri district administration and engage local self-help groups.

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Posted on 11.29.21, 03:07 AM

The Gajoldoba Development Authority (GDA) has drawn up a plan to develop facilities at “Bhorer Alo”, the mega tourist center of Gajoldoba in the Rajganj block of Jalpaiguri district, and has taken initiatives to ensure the safety of hundreds of visitors who take boat trips in the adjoining Teesta river and its canal.

To execute the plan, the authority plans to use the resources of the Jalpaiguri district administration and engage local self-help groups.

In 2018, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the formation of the authority and a notification was issued in 2019 in this regard by the state government.

“After establishing the authority, the state had allocated 14 crore rupees for the establishment of some ancillary facilities at the site which draws huge crowds these days. However, the fund has not yet been sanctioned. We think it’s because the state is in a policy of austerity, ”said a source.

Jalpaiguri District Magistrate Moumita Godara Basu, who is the chairman of the authority, sent a proposal to the state government a few days ago, claiming that the GDA intended to do some work on the site.

“Gajoldoba has quickly become an important and popular tourist destination in North Bengal. We must have public toilets on the site. In addition, it is an ecological zone and there is a bird sanctuary nearby. To keep the zone pollution-free, the GDA will declare it a plastic-free zone. We can engage local self-help groups for campaigns and other related work, ”said Basu.

She said that a considerable part of the tourists took boat rides on the Teesta River and its canal, located on the left bank and next to the tourist hub.

“We need to train the boatmen and introduce life jackets for everyone who takes a ride. Some boats also need repairs. All of this can be done by helping boatmen obtain financing from banks. There is also a plan to open self-help group stands where different items can be sold to visitors, ”added the district magistrate.

Although the authority was formed two years ago – four panchayats, two each in Rajganj and Malbazar blocks of Jalpaiguri district, fall under the authority’s jurisdiction, it does not yet have an office at the site. .

“We have to hold meetings at the DM office in Jalpaiguri or at the irrigation service bungalow in Gajoldoba. It is true that an office is necessary. However, we are not prepared to wait for the office to be set up and employees to be recruited, ”said Rajganj Trinamul, MP for Khageswar Roy, vice-chairman of GDA.

He said the GDA submitted a series of proposals to the state government in January last year for funding.

“Funds have been requested for an office building and the improvement of a number of roads and culverts that fall under the authority of the authority. In addition, proposals have been submitted for the landscaping of certain sections and the installation of lampposts and a reception gate, ”said the deputy. The funds were not sanctioned.


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