Box office revenue in Egypt sees slight drop on Monday


Revenues from Eid al-Fitr season films saw a slight drop on Monday.

The three films shown in cinemas earned a total of LE 1.261 million.

“Wahid Tany” (different) topped earnings on Monday, reaching LE 716,000. The film with Ahmed Helmy after returning to the cinema after an absence of almost three years. It is written by Haitham Dabour, directed by Mohamed Shaker Khudair.

Amr Abdel-Jalil, Mahmoud Hafez, Sayed Ragab and Ruby and Nasreen Amin co-star in the film, and the events of the film revolve in a comedy setting, during which Helmy plays two characters.

In second place came the film “al-Ankaboot” (The Spider), starring Ahmed el-Sakka, Mona Zaki, Dhafer el-Abidin, written by Mohamed Nair, directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal, reaching LE 366,000.

Its events revolve in the context of an action thriller, on the crises of a mobster due to the illegal actions of his brother, Dhafer al-Abidine. Mona Zaki plays the character of a tour guide and speaks the Korean language in some scenes.

The film “Zombie” starring Ali Rabiea made 177,000, written by Amin Gamal and Waleed Abul-Magd, directed by Amr Salah, and starring Hamdi al-Marghani, Ashraf Abdel-Baki, Karim Afifi, Hajar Ahmed, Shaimaa Seif, Mohamed Utaka, Arefa Abdel-Rasoul, Sami Maghawry and Mohamed Mahmoud.


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