Briton fined for touching tourist’s bottom


A court in Palma has fined a British tourist 180 euros for touching the buttocks of a French tourist while they were by the swimming pool of a hotel in Magaluf in July 2020.

The sentence is now finalized, with the hearing having been heard via video link in September last year. The accused, then 19 years old, said he barely remembered anything that happened that day because he had drank. However, he recalled that “suddenly the girl slapped me twice and I apologized if I had bothered her”.

The incident happened around 4 p.m. on July 28. The tourist told the court that she and her friends were in the pool with a group of boys. As she was getting out of the pool, one of them walked towards her. “He grabbed my butt.” She explained that he immediately apologized, that she slapped him twice and the boy’s friends laughed.

The judge, admitting that the defendant had been under the influence of alcohol and acknowledging his guilty plea, took into account the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, which stated that in similar cases it is of a criminal offense of a minor nature. Touching the buttock with an open hand is not always sexual abuse.

The prosecution had argued that there had been sexual abuse and had requested a fine of 3,240 euros.


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