Chief Minister announces “Film Tourism Policy 2022-2027”


Chief Minister announces “Film Tourism Policy 2022-2027”

Ministers Shri Purnesh Modi and Shri Arvind Raiyani and film actor Ajay Devgan will remain present

Industry and businessmen worldwide choose India and Gujarat for investment: Shri Bhupendra Patel

Film Tourism Policy 2022-27 will open new horizons for filmmaking in Gujarat: Shri Purnesh Modi


Gandhinagar, Saturday: Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel announces Gujarat’s first ever ‘Film Tourism Policy’ in the presence of dignitaries including actor Ajay Devgan, State Government Minister Shri. Purnesh Modi and Shri Arvind Raiyani.

The CM expressed its belief that this film tourism policy will be important in the development of film infrastructure in Gujarat.

Gujarat is a policy-oriented state and has become the top destination for global investors.

The Chief Minister expressed confidence that this policy will be helpful for a self-reliant India in building a self-reliant Gujarat. This policy will also give an unprecedented boost to the development of tourism by bringing together service providers in the film sector on a single platform.

This new policy will create viable opportunities for film production in Gujarat and also provide employment opportunities for local people.

Famous actor Ajay Devgn said in his speech that it was a pleasure to be present at the launch of this film tourism policy. He said, I am glad that the government of Gujarat has announced the film tourism policy.

About his experiences with Gujarat, Ajay Devgan said that the Gujarati culture, localities and diverse cuisines here charm me. I have been associated with Gujarat for years. Thanks to this policy, the world of cinema will benefit from good support.

Tourism Minister Shri Purnesh Modi said that this film tourism policy will be very important in promoting Gujarat tourism. And this policy will generate jobs in Gujarat. He also expressed his confidence that Gujarat will be a leader in the field of film industries in the coming days.

Tourism department secretary Shri Hareet Shukla in his welcome speech said that people remember the place shown on the cinema screen and later it becomes a tourist spot. We get an introduction to many such places in the country and abroad from the movie.

There are many places in Gujarat like Kutch white desert, Shivrajpur beach where there are many opportunities to become filming locations. He also expressed his belief that filming opportunities in Gujarat will increase for the film industry through the film tourism policy.

Four MoUs worth Rs. 1022 crores for investments in various subjects including film making, studio infrastructure, drama schools in Gujarat have been signed by some investors with the Department of tourism. Ajay Devgn has also signed MoUs for filmmaking and infrastructure of studios and other facilities in the state.

A short film providing information on film tourism policy was also screened on this occasion. State Commissioner for Tourism and Managing Director of TCGL, Shri Alok Kumar Pandey thanked the attending dignitaries and people associated with film industries for their participation in the event.

Source: Department of Information, Gujarat


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