Colorado Tourism Board Sees 106% Increase in Click Through Rates Using SORT™ – Undertone’s Cookieless Technology


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Low voicea Perion Network Ltd. (Nasdaq:PERI) and a leading provider of high-impact, intelligent advertising solutions across all platforms, screens and devices, released its first Marketing Case Study of the Month highlighting forward-thinking advertisers who put consumers first. after achieving great results in their campaign with the Colorado Office of Tourism. Through its partnership with Undertone and being one of the first advertisers to use SORT technology, or Smart Optimization of Responsive Traits, the Colorado Office of Tourism has seen a significant increase in brand goals in the short term. and long-term as well as overall advertising engagement.

By implementing Undertone’s proprietary cookieless technology, SORT, the Colorado Tourism Board was able to achieve a significant performance boost across all formats over alternative cookie-based tactics. With an over 106% increase in Page Grabber CTR, a 60% increase in Page Grabber IR, and a 40% increase in delivery to browsers that were previously unreachable, performance results drove 241 000 consumers to the Colorado Office of Tourism site and 330,000 interactions, all directly from Undertone’s High. Impact, Page Grabber and Brand Reveal formats.

“The Colorado Office of Tourism has been working hard to uncover sustainable targeting solutions,” the Colorado Office of Tourism said. “When we presented ourselves with the opportunity to test Undertone’s new cookieless targeting solution, SORT, we jumped on it. In the tests we conducted, we were able to reach entirely new audiences by adapting our delivery on previously inaccessible browsers, and the results also far exceeded our cookie-based targeting tactics.Scale, privacy and performance?I can’t beat it.

As the first market adopter of Undertone’s SORT, the Colorado Office of Tourism used the privacy-focused alternative to traditional targeting tactics to drive brand awareness and consumer interest at visit the state.

A brand and creative diagnostic of the campaign yielded outstanding results from System1, a global advertising effectiveness, brand equity and innovation company. It received 5 stars for its long-term effectiveness, based on emotional intensity, total emotions and positive emotions, and an exceptional short-term sales peak, based on emotional intensity and spontaneous brand awareness. . More than four out of five people exposed to the ad were likely to consider Colorado for their next vacation. The variety and beauty of the state’s landscapes elicited happiness and surprise: the two most valuable and positive emotions.

“The long-term effectiveness as well as the immediate short-term sales spikes resulted from our campaign with the Colorado Office of Tourism,” said Dan Aks, president of Undertone. “With SORT’s real-time human solution, our technology uses what a person is doing at the time to predict what ad they want to see; it’s fluid and real – just like humans. We are thrilled with the strong results and look forward to continuing to revolutionize the post-cookie advertising ecosystem to deliver exceptional results to our partners.

Undertone used data-derived insights and SORT technology to reach the Colorado Office of Tourism’s target audience and drive travelers to visit all areas of the state and boost reservations to support businesses, restaurants and hotels as they recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find more information about Undertone’s Marketer of the Month Case Study with the Colorado Office of Tourism here.

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About the Colorado Tourism Board

Colorado is a four-season destination offering unparalleled adventure and recreation activities, a thriving arts scene, rich cultural heritage, tasty cuisine, and 28 renowned ski areas and ski resorts. The state’s breathtaking scenic landscape includes natural hot springs, the sources of seven major rivers, numerous tranquil lakes and reservoirs, 12 national parks and monuments, 26 scenic and historic drives, and 58 mountain peaks rising to 14 000 feet. For more information or a copy of the Official Colorado State Vacation Guide, visit or call 1-800 COLORADO. Follow Colorado on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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