Covid-19: Dubai performed well as safe city, chief tourism officer – News


Emirate did a brilliant job not only performing it but also communicating it well, says Issam Kazim

Posted: Tue, Jan 11, 2022, 7:32 PM

Last update: Tue, Jan 11, 2022, 7:44 PM

Dubai has performed well in tourism during the pandemic by positioning itself as a safe city that offers a 360-degree experience at a time when Covid-19 has crippled industry around the world, said Issam Kazim, CEO of the world on Tuesday. Dubai Tourism and Business Marketing Department.

Speaking on the first day of Expo 2020 Travel and Connectivity Week and sharing his experiences and strategies for reshaping tourism during the pandemic, Kazim said safety has become the top priority for tourists, and Dubai understood this and played the cards well.

“People focus a lot on the health and safety measures that a city has in place, and that gives them the confidence to travel, whether on business or with family.

“Dubai did a brilliant job of not only doing it and executing it, but also communicating it well,” Kazim said.

Whether it’s hotel deals that suit different pockets, retail, food, culture, relaxation and adventure, he said Dubai has not just “scratched the surface of these. offers, but it gives you in-depth experience at all levels, “said the Head of Tourism.

Dubai’s multi-pronged strategy, including its high vaccination rates, mass testing, gradual business opening and aggressive campaigns, has paid off, as the numbers of tourists prove. The emirate received 4.88 million tourists between January and October 2021, and a total of 9.4 million overnight stays were booked during the same period.

Dubai airports continue to be one of the busiest in the world with 24 million international passengers in the first 11 months of 2021.


Kazim said Dubai was the first country to impose a lockdown even riding the waves of a successful 2019 which saw 16.73 million tourists coming to the city.

“We went into containment, but with the mindset that we need to get things right and be as safe as possible before we reopen.”

After opening up to domestic tourism in May 2020 with strict security guidelines, Kazim said Dubai was “perfectly ready” to welcome global tourists by July of last year.

He said Expo 2020 opened on October 1 and also came at the right time for the world to come together and share their ideas.

“Expo 2020 was great for us, and the message was very powerful and timely as it coincided with the nation’s 50th anniversary,” he said.


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