Drive carefully during the fall tourist season


As it is now mid-October at the height of the fall tourist season, residents have likely noticed the extreme increase in the number of cars on the road.

The influx of heavy tourist traffic in the fall is also accompanied by numerous construction projects, both inside and outside the city of Sedona, one of which is the clearing of brush on State Route 89A which involves often reduce the roadway between Sedona and Flagstaff to one lane with a pilot car.

Some of the delays are short, but others can be up to 30 minutes, so plan accordingly if you are making the trip between Sedona and our neighbor at the top of the Coconino Plateau.

Likewise, there is an increased propensity for car crashes, especially along the most scenic areas of our city, as tourists looking out the window stare at our red rocks, throw an arm with a camera or, in some cases hang out the window trying to take a picture.

Obviously, it would be better for these visitors – and would certainly produce better photos – if they pulled over to get out of the car and took a photo… but you can’t fix the stupidity.

Sadly, the ability to operate a 2-ton motor vehicle at freeway speeds does not require an intelligence test, a reminder of Arizona state driving laws, or a motor vehicle exam. road label.

Unfortunately, this means drivers in Sedona and Arizona need to be aware of our surroundings and be extra careful while driving.

On Wednesday October 20, just south of the village of Oak Creek, there was a minor rear-end collision with three cars, but it stopped northbound traffic for about 20 minutes until crews from the Sedona Fire District and law enforcement may move vehicles off the roadway. Although no serious injuries were reported, it interrupted traffic and delayed drivers trying to go about their business.

Not all accident victims are so lucky. On Thursday October 21, see today’s front page, there was a motorcycle-to-car crash on Jordan Road. The motorcyclist reportedly sustained a leg injury, possibly a broken leg, but the injuries could have been much worse – a medevac helicopter was put on hold before SFD crews arrived and reached the motorcyclist.

If you are involved in a minor accident, please take photos of the damage promptly, then exit the roadway to exchange insurance information or wait for law enforcement, if you’ve called them.

If you witness a major accident, immediately call 911, provide assistance if you can, then get your vehicle off the road and wait to report to law enforcement. Between the arrival of first responders and the witness’s statement, memory experts suggest writing down what you have seen to the best of your recollection. Even in this short time, high stress situations can alter memories. Litigants in a traffic case need specific details, especially if there has been an equipment failure or problem with a traffic light or road sign, failure to yield, signal or stop. .

Write down everything you remember, and if you can’t remember certain details, don’t guess. There is nothing wrong with telling a policeman “I don’t remember” or “I didn’t see this”.

On the construction side, the City of Sedona is currently working overnight on Brewer Road and “Y” roundabouts, closing a lane and stripping and replacing the asphalt.

If you are driving in this area at night, please follow cones and signals, be very careful of workers walking or standing on the side of the road – one of them slipped off the sidewalk in front of me a few nights ago, but I was far enough away that he wasn’t in danger of being hit – and follow the directions if a worker signals you to slow down or stop.

Leave plenty of room for construction vehicles and be patient with local drivers and out-of-town visitors passing through the area, perhaps for the first time, who may not be aware of construction work in the area. which they are about to enter.

The work should be completed early enough and the fall tourist season is more stable and lighter than in the spring. These fall intruders will be gone soon enough, having left behind their tourist dollars and local sales tax.

Christophe fox graham



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