Dubai gets epic 2023 floating hotel with helipad and floating villas


Dubai is getting epic luxury floating hotel for 2023 with overwater helipad and floating villas – and it can even be moved to new locations

Artist’s impression of the new Kempinski floating palace in Dubai

A new luxury floating hotel will open in Dubai with overwater villas and a helipad; and its buoyancy allows it to be anchored in different places.

The Kempinski Floating Palace is sure to make a glamorous Dubai vacation given that it will feature a main building with 156 rooms and suites, restaurants, bars, spa, swimming pools and more.

Meanwhile, there will also be 12 villas attached to the structure, with their own infinity pools and rooftop terraces, with a crew and staff on hand to cater for any guest’s whims.

Guests will be driven to the hotel by speedboat, or of course there is a floating helipad and yacht parking if you wish to use your own private transport.

According to the Kempinski Group, the hotel’s buoyancy means there will be “the ability to sail to other anchorages from time to time,” but to begin with, the hotel will be anchored right next to Jumeirah Beach, offering no no doubt the epic views of the Dubai skyline. .

When launched, the hotel will be able to sail up to a speed of six nautical miles.

It is currently under construction at the Seagate shipyard in Dubai, ahead of a scheduled opening in 2023.

Mr. Mohamed El Bahrawy, CEO and Founder of Seagate Shipyard, said: “We are proud of what we have achieved so far, particularly at the Floating Palace in Dubai, where we have partnered with a world leader in the ‘hotel.

“I am very grateful to Bernold Schroeder and Kempinski Hotels for their trust. It’s exciting to see that for the first time a brand of Kempinski’s caliber will operate a floating hotel of this magnitude, and we are confident that our hotel will soon be one of Dubai’s top tourist attractions. It will undoubtedly occupy an iconic position among floating hotels around the world.

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Artist’s impression of one of the floating villas


Kempinski Hotels)

Although this is the first dynamic hotel of its kind, it will not be the only floating hotel in Dubai.

The former Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship was transformed into a hotel in 2018, with gourmet restaurants, chic rooms, and activities such as guided tours of the ship.

Dubai already has a reputation for being home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, not to mention its pretty amazing hotel pools with rooftop views.

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