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It’s always exciting to plan a travel adventure, especially when we’ve been grounded for over two years.

No one is more excited than Deb Taylor, owner of Ciao Italy Tours, as she packs her bags and prepares her bands for two tours of Italy in June.

“My story began 13 years ago when, on a whim, I decided to become a tour guide in Italy,” Deb said.

“I had never been to Italy. This random decision changed my life forever. I was fascinated from day one by the streets of Rome.

“It has always been the plan to create an intimate, authentic Italian adventure filled with local experiences.

“Now, after years of wandering in a country that touches your heart and never lets go, the knowledge acquired by always being curious, always talking to the locals and always learning means an unforgettable vacation in Italy for my travellers.

“A small group of 10 and private transfers from destination to destination mean we can visit hard-to-reach medieval hilltop villages, stay in small, centuries-old family villas in the historic center, eat where the locals eat, walk down a hidden path trodden by goats without a tourist in sight.

“A three-night stay in all our destinations is the key to enjoying the daily rituals of Italian life.

“I love waking up to the sound of bells ringing and the smell of freshly baked bread,” she said.

“An early morning stroll for that first coffee when only the dog walkers are out is a favorite time of day, whether in Rome or in a small Tuscan village.

“We have time to wander around the local market and feast on buying fresh seasonal produce, sit on a stone bench in the central square and have wonderful conversations with the locals, browse at down tiny cobbled streets and discover incredible treasures hidden in plain sight.

“There is something unusual, wonderful and unexpected around every corner.

“It is Italy that I am passionate about sharing.”

For more information contact Deb Taylor on 0403 621 008 or visit ciaoitaly.com.au


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