Focus on quality tourism, not quantity: Khaunte | Goa News

Panaji: Instead of focusing on numbers, Goa’s tourism sector should woo and attract spendthrift tourists for whom an urgent course correction is needed, says new Minister of Tourism and Information Technology, Rohan Khaunte.
Khaunte said Goa needs to involve all stakeholders in the sector and prepare a proper roadmap that will make Goa one of the top tourist destinations.
Although Khaunte did not name anyone, he said that despite being a major earner, Goa’s tourism sector has not been given the attention it deserves. “When I was in opposition, I said tourism needed a proper roadmap to move forward,” Khaunte said. ” A lightning bolt to concentrate must be there on quality tourism rather than quantity. We have to start talking about areas that we have never touched. He said Goa’s heritage, culture and backwaters are areas that need to be explored and promoted.
“I will sit down with the chief minister and decide on the priorities. Stakeholders are the main breadwinners of the state and we need to work with them. Some reforms are also needed,” Khaunte said.
Khaunte served as Minister for Information and Technology, Revenue and Labor and Employment from 2017 to 2019 under then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. Although Khaunte was unceremoniously dropped by Sawant in 2019, he has made his return to the firm.
“As Minister of IT, I worked under Parrikar and a lot was done for the IT sector. We created policies for IT, startups, industries and we started the revolution. Thanks to IT, we were channeling a lot of energy to stop the brain drain. I have the opportunity to complete Parrikar’s vision. This is an opportunity to meet the expectations of young people who thought that policies would help the state said Khaunte.

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