For the safety and well-being of my animals


Dear people

I come to ask for your help in getting transportation for my 41 cats, at this time, and other stray cats who need to take them to the vet when needed and other necessities like buying food for them , etc. .A bit about me. About 12 years ago I came to Crete as a tourist, but seeing so many stray cats in need, I started helping them, adopting them, neutering them, caring for them and loving them . To undertake this animal rescue mission, I gave up everything in my life, such as my family, my personal life, my professional life, my conveniences and my freedom. You can find me on FB under Isabel de Castro Cardoso from Crete. I had a car before, a gift that was given to me a few years ago, but
About a month ago, when I was rushing to the vet with a little kitten that had been bitten by a dog, the car stopped. I stayed more than 10 minutes on the road asking for help. (The timing belt broke) so the car cannot be repaired.
The kitten died 2 weeks later
Right now I have 4 cats that are badly in need of a vet trip and I can’t because I don’t have a car.
There is always a cat or dog in need here.
One of the cats I had to rush to the vet got bitten by a snake or scorpion and I had to call someone to help me get her to the vet and for the second check as well. I also need to take some for sterilization in order to benefit from the Municipality’s program.
Another stray cat who needs help, he is in great pain with a tooth problem, it’s a never ending story, when he eats he cries all the time, he needs his back tooth removed.
My need to have a car is of the utmost importance, not for leisure, for a long time I don’t know what it is, but to be able to help these little lovers.
I live in a village up the mountain with no public transport, I only have a bicycle and cannot transport sick animals there.
Also I go every evening to the nearest village 1.5 km away, to feed cats. Soon the rain will be here and it will be very difficult to carry one, but I will go no matter what. They won’t be left without food, but the rain and wind here in the mountains can be frightening at times.
The cars here, even if they are very old, small or big and in poor condition, are extremely expensive, but I found one that has been well maintained even if it is from 2003 and with a lot of miles. The final price is 2800€. I don’t have this kind of money because all my wages go to my animals and rent, and no bank will help me because I don’t have the possibility to pay monthly installments.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and also on behalf of all the animals in need for any help you can give me to be able to buy the car and continue my rescue mission.1662318861_d7fb50fc-51ba-4892-afe1-6d862a40846b.jpg


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