Foreign tourist arrivals in Bulgaria increase year-on-year in April


SOFIA (Bulgaria), May 27 (SeeNews) – The number of foreign tourists who visited Bulgaria in April jumped 128.8% on the year, reaching 646,300, with increases recorded at all levels in all purposes of the visits, the statistical office announced on Friday. .

Totaling 289,900, citizens of EU member states accounted for 44.8% of all international arrivals in the fourth month of 2022, the National Statistics Institute (INS) said in a monthly report.

Romanian citizens again accounted for the largest number of monthly visitors with 128,700, or about 44.4% of all foreign tourist visits from EU member states. Greece followed as the country of origin for the second largest group of EU visitors, with 19.2%.

Arrivals from Turkey were 123,600 and accounted for 41.3% of all tourist visits from non-EU countries to Europe, followed by Ukraine with 24%.

The share of people who came to Bulgaria for other purposes such as education, medicine or to visit relatives accounted for 56.9% of all arrivals of foreign nationals in the month under review. Transit passages through the country accounted for 42.9% of all foreign visits. Vacation travel and business travel accounted for 29.2% and 13.9% of all international visitor arrivals, respectively.

Around 95,000 Ukrainians who fled the war currently reside in Bulgaria, with a decreasing number choosing to stay, accounting for around 30% of all entries compared to 50% until a few weeks ago, according to the website. Mediapool local information, citing the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Interior. Stanimir Stanev as said on Thursday.


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