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Gin Gin’s Own 104.9’s Chris Flewellen is eager to run the town’s tourist information center

Gin Gin’s Own 104.9 has long shared the region’s best attributes via the airwaves, but will soon share details face-to-face at the city’s Visitor Information Center.

Gin Gin Community Broadcasters, who have been broadcasting Gin Gin’s Own 104.9 since January 2009, successfully applied to operate the Visitor Information Center (VIC).

The VIC was previously operated by Bundaberg Tourism under a partnership agreement with the Bundaberg Regional Council.

However, in October 2021, Bundaberg Tourism announced that the center was no longer financially viable and took the decision to close it.

Following this decision, and in recognition of the VIC’s importance to the local community and its strategic position on the Bruce Highway, the Board issued Expressions of Interest for community groups wishing to take up work. .

The community broadcaster took the opportunity and after making a successful application signed a permit to occupy the building.

Treasurer Chris Flewellen also owns a Gin Gin CBD business and said he knows from experience that there is high visitor demand for local tourist information.

“The other thing people keep coming to my shop is ‘what can we do here?'” Chris said.

For community radio, it was a natural progression.

“The purpose of our radio is to disseminate information,” he said.

“It just seemed like a common sense decision to me that is sort of the ‘next step’ for us to move from just broadcasting and really getting in with tourists.”

And they already have big ideas for boosting the tourism potential of the Gin Gin region, with plans in place to unleash a trail of must-see spots.

At this point, the Gin Gin’s Own 104.9 team hopes to open the doors to the VIC on October 31 with streaming capabilities to follow in the coming months.

Chris hopes the combination of the group’s broadcast capabilities with the VIC feature will raise awareness for the radio station.

“It would be great to be upfront and in front of the tourists.

“They can request songs to be played.”

The current location of their studio is “hidden”, so he also hoped to raise awareness among locals and any newcomers to town.

Gin Gin’s Own 104.9 volunteers wanted

Chris said the VIC will provide all traditional tourist information services and will also become a second studio for Gin Gin’s Own 104.9.

With radio presenters ready to broadcast live from the venue, he said volunteers were needed to help run visitor information services.

“What we are going to do is broadcast 6 to 6 from the VIC and 6 to 9 from the current studio that we are currently in.

“We are looking for 20 volunteers.

“We want to work four-hour shifts, seven days a week.

“We need some volunteers to make it happen.

By paying a small membership fee to Gin Gin Community Broadcasters, volunteers will be covered by the radio station’s insurance.

To volunteer or find out more, contact Gin Gin’s Own 104.9 on 4157 1049 or email [email protected]

Learn more in public meeting

The Council and Bundaberg Tourism, together with the Gin Gin’s Own 104.9 team, will host a public meeting at the Gin Gin Community Hub for the community to learn more about Gin Gin VIC on November 7 from 6pm.


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