“Global recognition will give a boost to the recovery of the post-covid tourism sector” | Kochi News

KOCHI: With ‘God’s Own Country version 2.0’ struggling to attract international tourists to Kerala since the pandemic, stakeholders believe this global recognition would encourage world travelers to take to the skies to explore ecotourism in Kerala.
“This will help boost international and domestic tourism in Kerala. In the post-Covid world, people are eager to explore ecotourism sites with its unspoiled natural beauty. Kerala has a lot to offer here,” said Kerala Travel Mart (KTM) President Baby Mathew.
The state government, realizing the importance of the concept of ecotourism, has promoted it on a large scale through the introduction of an eco-certification program for tourism stakeholders in the state. “Foreigners are attracted to the idea that locals benefit from tourism. They want to touch local life and enjoy being in the community, interacting with them, eating with them, while enjoying the natural beauty of the place. Kerala is continuously trying to appeal to responsible travellers,” said tour guide Rajesh PR.
EM Najeeb, Chairman of the Confederation of Kerala Tourism Industry, said that this recognition, along with the promotional activities of government and private actors, while ensuring sustainable and responsible tourism, will help boost tourism in the Kerala region. state after the Covid-19 crisis. “With this, foreign tourists will prioritize Kerala when talking about coming to India. This means we now have a greater responsibility to make our destination completely world-class with better connectivity, better security and better waste management facilities,” he added.

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