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Imagine you are in Cox’s Bazar on a rare three day weekend to cool off as much as possible after a long time. But the sky drops when you discover the town of Cox’s Bazar bustling with hundreds of thousands of tourists with no places available in the nearest hotels and motels.

Many travelers nowadays face such difficulties, especially those who remain completely busy with their professional lives and cannot arrange pre-booking. The result is a shortage of rooms and an exponential increase in hotel rates.

These problems are prevalent in our country as most of our tourist destinations are concentrated in certain particular areas like Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban and the Sundarbans.

As most of the organizations in Bangladesh prefer to give vacations to their employees around the same time, there is a definite tourist season which brings a huge flow of travelers making it difficult to even pre-book hotel rooms outside line. Nevertheless, with managerial digitization, these problems are entirely avoidable.

GoZayaan, the online platform for next-generation travel, has taken on the market precisely to alleviate people’s major challenges while addressing tourists’ concerns.

How GoZayaan caters to all types of travelers

GoZayaan has been in the headlines since the beginning of the year. The company started the year with the acquisition of an overseas travel platform and continues to surprise users with innovative new services on its platform.

Despite all the noise, GoZayaan remains a customer-centric brand. Its services are designed to create a perfect and seamless user experience.

Anyone can book a hotel of their choice by simply entering location, travel information and number of passengers. People can go to gozayaan.com or install GoZayaan app from Google Play Store to book flight, hotels, buses and other services in one platform.

Their goal is to empower travelers, allowing them to determine their travel choices. Travel, according to GoZayaan, should be joyful rather than restricted by schedules. The company’s goal is to remove any problems that may arise during domestic and international travel.

Special features for travelers

From the days when using third-party operators to make bookings abroad was the only option, times have changed dramatically. In the era of digital tourism, there are more travel options, visibility and accessibility.

Currently, only 5% of Bangladesh’s tourism industry is visible online, showing that the country is still lagging behind in adopting digital tourism. With technology-driven innovations, GoZayaan has worked tirelessly to change that by increasing the visibility of Bangladeshi travel online.

To make trip planning even more accessible to travelers, the company’s latest initiative included the integration of an extensive inventory of more than 700,000 hotels.

Along with this, GoZayaan further ensures convenience for travelers with innovations such as travel loans, RT-PCR testing integrated with international flights, baggage protection, travel insurance, and more.

The company is a 360 degree solution for all travel needs. As Bangladesh undergoes a digital transformation, GoZayaan has become a vital part of digitizing the travel industry.

Voice of Travelers

All the new services introduced by GoZayaan are useful. Nevertheless, travelers being the main beneficiaries can give a real picture of the convenience of the platform.

Mr. Mohidul is a frequent traveler, usually traveling long distances. Safety and security are a top priority for him when traveling.

“Before, I used to book through offline travel agents. However, with GoZayaan, I could book my flights and compare prices,” Mr Mohidul said. Moving from offline to online has been a game changer in terms of convenience and visibility for Mr. Mohidul.

Mr. Asif Hasnat Chowdhury was introduced to online reservations for the first time through GoZayaan. He booked international flights and hotels through the platform.

On the simplicity and security of the platform, he shared, “I loved the fast service and received great value for money. The process was smooth.” He added that the manual booking process involved a lot of back and forth regarding confirmation. However, booking through GoZayaan was instant and hassle-free.

Travel is for everyone, regardless of preference. Whether you love basking in the sun on a quiet beach or climbing rocky mountains, the best experience comes when you can make your own plans and preferences. GoZayaan is here to give travelers transparency and visibility so they can make it happen!

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