Greece remains one of Britain’s favorite tourist destinations


Greece continues to be a favorite destination for British travelers planning to spend Easter outside the country.

Data provided by ForwardKeys shows that Easter booking rates for Greece have so far increased by 26% compared to the pre-pandemic period when no travel restrictions were in place.

On the other hand, compared to 2021, this year’s booking rates have increased by 160%, making Greece one of the most resilient international destinations for British travelers at Easter 2022.

The increase in booking rates follows the UK government’s announcement earlier this month, reports

Authorities there have revealed that travelers from the UK who have been fully vaccinated against the virus would no longer be required to meet the COVID-19 test requirement when returning to the UK.

The relaxation of travel rules by several European countries also had a significant impact on the increase in booking rates. Nonetheless, travelers from the UK find it difficult to travel with children who have not been vaccinated against the virus as they still need to adhere to certain COVID-19 related restrictions.

For this reason, British travelers also choose other destinations to spend their holidays.

“Entry restrictions continue to hamper the recovery – despite the strong reactivation seen in the UK outbound market following the easing of entry requirements on return to Britain. UK families are still struggling to travel to popular sunny winter destinations in Europe with unvaccinated children, prompting a strong preference for distant destinations such as Mexico, the Maldives or Barbados,” VP of Insights at ForwardKeys, said Olivier Ponti.

Unlike Greece, which currently ranks fourth in terms of British nationals’ bookings for Easter, Cyprus is the most resilient international destination, holding onto the top spot.

Easter bookings for Cyprus have increased by 68% compared to 2019 and by 126% compared to last year.

Booking rates for Spain also showed a positive trend. So far, Easter bookings for Spain have increased by 5% compared to the pre-pandemic period. The difference is even bigger compared to 2021. Compared to last year, this year’s booking rates for Spain have increased by 141%.

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