Guide trouble brewing in Hampi

Friends, next time you plan a scenic getaway Hampicheck your Touristic guidecorrectly the identification information before using its services. Recently, several tourists have raised the question of harassment by guides who they claim are not authentic.

In Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site, most prefer to take advantage of the services of tour guides as they give them insight into the rich history of the Vijayanagara time. Recently, several videos went viral on social media saying that a drunk was forcing tourists to hire his services to visit Hampi. He also allegedly produced a false identity card.

Travelers are now asking for the tourism department“>tourism department act against false guides.

Genuine tour guides in the area are worried, saying it will impact their livelihoods.

“We have studied hard to give people a glimpse of Hampi’s glorious past. Now, as tourism is slowly picking up again, such incidents will discourage travelers from using the services of guides.

“Tourists must validate if they are genuine guides and the department must also ensure that only genuine guides are allowed,” said a tour guide.

Meanwhile, SP K Arun of Vijayanagara District said his department would take action if anyone filed a complaint. complaint to the police regarding the issue.


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