How to Avoid International Travel Restrictions Ruining Your Trip


Head to the airport knowing you’ve done your research.

IATA Travel Center

You may have seen the IATA name before, either on your plane ticket or on the window of your local travel agency. He represents the International Air Transport Association, which regulates airlines worldwide and supports the development of global standards.

IATA Travel Center is a global destination database based on data from its 100% owned Timatic system

When you check in for your international flight, Timatic is the system that ensures your travel documents meet the government entry requirements for your destination and allows you to board the plane.

Countries are color coded according to current <a class=travel restrictions.”/>

Countries are color coded according to current travel restrictions.

In 2019, over 700 million checks were carried out to help travelers around the world get where they wanted to go.

The information is based on your country of departure, your destination, the planned travel dates and, above all, how the restrictions relate to the passport you will be traveling with.

Even if you reside elsewhere, passport holders from certain countries may be subject to more restrictions, even if you do not usually reside there.

Click on a country and the most recent rules are displayed.

Click on a country and the most recent rules are displayed.

Timatic data is used in the IATA Travel Pass app, a fairly simple app that allows you to check entry requirements for your destination, locate a nearby lab if you need a negative test result before steal and upload your vaccination certificates.

Over 200 rule changes are processed and checked every day. Updates are done manually after being verified and validated from over 2,000 government and airline sources.


Another major resource is Sherpa, a privately held Canadian company founded in 2015 that has built a more interactive and user-friendly platform to provide the information travelers need to keep their trips running smoothly.

The company says it aims to simplify travel identification and help travel providers move customers to their destinations as efficiently as possible in today’s travel environment.

Sherpa's map is much more colorful and friendly.

Sherpa’s map is much more colorful and friendly.

Sherpa uses a universal connection that it licenses to airlines and online travel booking websites such as Expedia, which allows users of these websites to find out about entry requirements and rules of trip before making their reservations.

Users can customize information based on their passport country and individual vaccination status. The Sherpa website also provides direct links or access to download official documents from government websites if you need more information or evidence from an official source.

There is a handy FAQ section and links to government websites where travel intentions can be recorded and information submitted to expedite your border crossing if needed.

Sherpa lets you enter your trip details for personalized advice.

Sherpa lets you enter your trip details for personalized advice.

The company lists many of the world’s largest airlines and travel retailers as its data-connected partners, including American Airlines, British Airways, Star Alliance and Expedia.

Although it doesn’t quite have the reach of IATA Travel Centre, it is still a very robust portal, connected to over 60 government systems to ensure changes are pushed quickly and accurately to users. .

Sherpa also aims to avoid industry jargon to ensure it speaks to travelers in a language they can understand.

Know before you go

While a quick Google search will present you with tens of thousands or even millions of websites and pages that claim to have the most accurate information, using IATA Travel Center or Sherpa will only provide a single results you can count on.

A more careful search will help you weed out the posers and ensure your journey goes smoothly.


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