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I&M Bank Rwanda, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, launched a two-day training course for more than 50 tour guides from across the country.

The training which began on Thursday, December 16, is done through the Mastercard’s Hanga Ahazaza program and will focus on increasing and educating guides on the region’s flora and fauna, culture, service delivery, among others.

Speaking at the launch of the training, I&M Bank Rwanda Managing Director Robin Bairstow said the Bank was delighted to participate in the training which will benefit the tourism sector.

Trainees during the workshop in Kigali.Craish Bahizi

“We hope to raise the skill level of these tour guides, who are the foundation of the tourism industry as they deal with tourists on a daily basis and are in constant contact with them,” he said.

Beyond training, I&M Bank has been able to help nearly 80 small and medium enterprises in the tourism sector, he said, with the aim of raising their businesses and helping them become more business-oriented. and focus on income generation, especially after the difficult times of the pandemic.

Daniel Sambai, vice-president of the Rwanda Tourism Chamber; said, “We are very excited about the training as it helps us shape our industry and our people by providing world class service. “

He added: “Tour guides are the backbone of the tourism industry as they are with clients throughout their trip and having the training is crucial for them.”

“We focused on their learning about plants and animals due to the diversity of our parks and forests, and we want our guides to learn more about them, so they can explain them to tourists in a more professional way. and informed, “he added.

Serena Hotel Country Manager, Daniel Sambai speaks during the training in Kigali on Thursday, December 16, 2021. Photo by Craish Bahizi

Peace Mutoni, one of the beneficiaries who has been a guide for three years, praised the training, saying it will help them adapt and learn new ways of navigating their work during a pandemic.

“We have not been working for a long time due to the restrictions of Covid-19, so this training will help us learn how to work in this situation, contribute to our knowledge about our service delivery and I expect to learn more than this than I had expected “she said.

Eric Kayiranga, director of the Rwanda Safari Guide Association, thanked the bank for the initiative saying that they expect the training to strengthen their knowledge of the country’s plants and animals.

He stressed the importance of the training, saying it will help them to interact and better articulate the country’s tourist attraction to visitors.

Dedicated to the Human & Economic Development of Africa at Master Card, Dianne Dusaidi delivers the speech during the workshop in Kigali on Thursday 16 2021 photos by Craish Bahizi

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