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Critical and life-sustaining issues like proper city planning appear to be nobody’s baby, causing many cities under respective master plans to suffer and expand in haphazard and erratic ways. What the relevant agency – the organization of town planning – does and how things related to town planning are supervised and controlled by the urban development department is not very difficult to know because otherwise we have also suggested an overhaul and revitalization of this important department. However, keeping all blame at the gates of the town planning organization would also be a one-sided approach because in the name of promotions and replenishment of staff who have left the organization for retirement and other reasons, etc., very little is being done. . The ad hoc approach reigns supreme with a fixed liability based on none or based on a slim and limited capacity. Who, as such, is worried about the fate of at least 100 rapidly expanding cities wishing for planned development in accordance with master plans? The planning organization, therefore, seems to have plunged into a depreciating glow and importance should otherwise play an important role in assembling different town planning schemes, development plans, tourist destinations, providing advisory services and technical advice to various development agencies, development agencies and even ministries. In the regulation of settlements, its role is far from satisfactory. The reason is all about the personnel management. This problem not only affects the vital people of this organization but many departments which the Government is aware of, practically do not seem to break the inertia. The reorganization, remodeling and periodic reorganization of an organization is not only an important requirement, but keeps it in step with the ever increasing public expectations of it. For a few years but strangely for decades, this important aspect has been completely ignored rather removed from the priorities of the government of Jammu and Kashmir in the organization of town planning. It is reported that the Organization is “headless” as it does not have a Chief Urban Planner and that some types of temporary or official remedies are used, in addition to some vacant urban planners posts that are not available. not filled. The officer or manager base is ubiquitous in the deployment of officer cadre in the organization. It can be well understood that normally and traditionally in such a scenario, neither decisions are made nor the required authority and powers exercised, causing important areas as mentioned to suffer continuously. The Departmental Promotion Committees (CPD) have more of a symbolic than concrete character insofar as it has been reported that for several years no meeting of any CPD has taken place and even less pronounces on the probabilities of an exercise. promotion of those eligible for the next framework, grade or post. The resulting stagnation and “status quo-ante” among staff members initiating a cycle of lethargy, disinterest and lack of initiative must be reversed through good planning and implementation. In the absence of a dynamic character of an organization, devoid of the basic working infrastructure, optimal results in terms of performance are the least expected. Master plans cannot be ignored in order to be adopted and implemented for an indefinite period without paying a high cost that the Department of Urban Planning must stress and therefore take urgent measures in this direction. Urbanization and associated problems, development, etc. cannot be requested, so a corresponding response is required if the planned city has some semblance beyond the papers and office records in Jammu and Kashmir

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