New wave of COVID-19 causes low tourist participation in the country –


By Sainabou Gassama

Tourism sector stakeholders have claimed that as the winter tourist season has just started in the Gambia destination, tourist participation is very low due to a new wave of COVID-19 pandemic in parts of the countries Europeans.

For almost two seasons, tourists did not come, resulting in a huge loss. Therefore, the tourism sector expects a recovery this year, but stakeholders are still concerned that a similar loss will occur as many tourists do not come to the country.

Siaka Saidy, a committee member of the Gambia Tourist Guides Association, said in an interview with this outlet that he was concerned that this year’s tourist season might not be successful compared to previous years due to the new wave. COVID-19 in some European countries.

He added that this might as well result in low tourist participation in the country, so that “The Gambia does not have its own flight; we depend on foreign flights, like Air France, Gambia Experience and others.

Mr Saidy asserted that the new Air France which joined the Gambia destination this season attracts tourists from different destinations while Gambia Experience is also arriving.

He noted that due to COVID-19, flights supposedly from the Netherlands to The Gambia have been canceled as the country is set to resume lockdown.

However, he said The Gambia is currently almost a COVID-19 free destination and tourists arriving come with PCR while confirming that over 80% of tour guides are already vaccinated and also adhere to covid-19 rules. .

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