Parisians find themselves stuck in a maze overnight in a sleazy tourist mishap


Two Parisians have sparked concern and disbelief on social media after claiming they spent the night in a maze while on vacation in Creuse, central France, getting so lost they couldn’t get away escape.

The tourists, friends Antoine and Paul, visited the two-hectare circular labyrinth of the Monts de Guéret, Creuse (New Aquitaine) on March 31. Still, they quickly got lost in the hedgerows, they explained.

At closing time they were still stuck and had to spend the night looking for the exit. They were caught in the dark as their phones ran out of power, had no food and no one heard their cries for help.

Anthony says FranceBleu“By the time we tried to get out again, when the sun went down, we had run out of battery so we circled around the maze. All those hours on an empty stomach, we dreamed of kebabs, pizzas… anything.

In the morning light, the pair finally managed to find the exit, and ran to their car.

Antoine said: “We felt a bit stupid, normally it’s not that difficult [to get out]kids can usually handle it.

Camille Beaume, the site manager, said the problem had never happened before.

She said: “This is a first. Every day the staff count the number of customers entering and exiting the maze. This time, however, there was an obvious miscalculation. We are thinking a lot about other ways control so that this misadventure does not happen again.

Spare a thought for Mme Beaume, however, as the unfortunate story has since come to light as an April Fool’s joke! The story was shared with the collaboration of the maze organizers, and “Antoine and Paul” were actually France Bleu journalists named Roman and François.

We can confirm that no Parisians were lost or injured in the labyrinth, and that everyone, in fact, managed to escape from the labyrinth before the end of the day…

We found the story a bit fishy… April Fool’s Day!

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