Praise for the tourist office of Nenagh


Interior view of the new Nenagh tourist office. PHOTO: ODHRAN DUCIE

Nenagh residents are “thrilled” when they visit the new tourist office in Banba Square, Councilor Michael O’Meara said at a recent municipal district meeting.

He said the new facility, which is slated to open in November, is “much more than tourism” and demonstrates the district executive’s commitment to promoting the city and its hinterland.

Councilor Séamie Morris praised the knowledge and passion of District Administrator Rosemary Joyce in bringing the project to fruition. The new tourist office would provide a “fantastic window for people entering Nenagh to what Nenagh and North Tipperary has to offer,” said Cllr Morris.

Councilor John Carroll was “stunned” by the amount of work that went into the old town hall office, which promotes all aspects of local heritage and life. He congratulated all those involved in an “exceptional job”.

For Cllr Ger Darcy, the imagination and wit that presided over the Nenagh Tourist Board would make it very different from similar facilities elsewhere in the country. He recalled that people were frustrated to have a tourist office which was only open a few months of the year; now the council had its own facility and that would prove to be extremely positive for the city.

Councilor Joe Hannigan also praised the council executive’s vision, while Director Marcus O’Connor said Ms Joyce led the project and invested a lot of her time and energy in it, with design consultant Ann Scroope.

Also awaiting the opening of the office, Ms Joyce said she was motivated by Ms Scroope’s vision for the project.


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