Public places to strengthen pandemic prevention measures


Ti Gong

A visitor shows a health QR code at the Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Improved COVID-19 prevention and control measures are in place at tourist attractions, hotels, and cultural and entertainment venues in Shanghai following the latest wave of COVID-19 outbreaks in some national cities.

The Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration issued a notice on Monday evening, ordering tougher measures at cultural and tourist spots in the city against COVID-19.

Travel agencies in the city have been ordered to suspend the organization of charter train services for tourists and strictly control the size of tourist groups, according to the advisory.

Interprovincial group travel and airline + accommodation packages to medium and high risk inland regions have been discontinued, while arrival and departure group travel and airline + accommodation packages remain prohibited.

The A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai will limit the number of tourists and impose a reservation system on visitors to ensure that each visitor’s information can be tracked.

They will check visitors’ health QR codes, measure their body temperature, and remind them to wear masks properly.

Disinfection practices in inland areas have been strengthened, particularly targeting facilities frequently used by tourists.

Tourist attraction operators should guide tourists to maintain social distancing and enforce staggered travel plans, according to the advisory.

The management of entrances, popular tourist sites, narrow passages and performance halls will be improved to avoid crowds and gatherings.

“We ask visitors to show their health QR code, travel history and reservation code at the entrance, and visitors are also subjected to temperature control,” said Wang Yuanyuan, a member of the garden staff. Botanical Center of Chenshan in Songjiang District.

“We also remind them to keep their distance during tours, and the number of visitors is limited,” Wang said.

“A strict reservation system has been put in place and regular disinfection is carried out in public facilities, shops and entertainment facilities,” said Zhu Jingwen, an employee of Gongqing Forest Park in Yangpu District.

“We have marked out a one-meter line at all entrances for visitors queuing, and the guidance system inside the park reminds tourists to wear masks and maintain social distancing,” Zhu said. .

Public places to strengthen pandemic prevention measures

Ti Gong

A visitor shows a health QR code at Gongqing Forest Park.

Hoteliers have been told to take similar action.

The frequency of disinfection will be increased on items such as bedding sets, towels and cups, and ventilation will be improved in interior areas.

Strict dish disinfection has been ordered, and contactless ordering and payment of meals is encouraged in hotels.

Theaters, museums, libraries, cultural centers, galleries, entertainment venues, chess and card rooms and internet cafes also need to improve cleaning, ventilation and disinfection.

Activities that require gathering in indoor locations will be reduced.

Indoor cultural and entertainment venues that fail to comply with COVID-19 prevention and control measures will have their operations suspended or closed.

Culture and tourism authorities at city and district levels will step up inspections and undercover visits to ensure these measures are in place, the advisory said.


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