Spain plans ‘safe return’ of tourists as part of campaign for more sustainable vacations


Tourism bosses in Spain have pledged to work with UK tour operators to try to attract more UK holidaymakers after Covid’s travel restrictions eased.

At the same time, the country has underlined its commitment to more sustainable tourism with various initiatives aimed at showing the country as more than just a beach and sun destination.

In the short term, Spain’s tourism strategy will focus on restarting tourism and regaining confidence in key markets.

This will involve working alongside the UK travel industry to reach target audiences and encourage visitors to return to Spain safely. The tourist office will showcase the wide range of tourism products to support ambitions to extend the traditional summer holiday season and create opportunities for UK tourists to visit new places.

The longer-term tourism strategy is for Spain to become a sustainable destination, reducing its tourism carbon footprint.

The effects of the pandemic, especially on tourism, have demonstrated the importance of being prepared for any crisis that the Spanish tourism industry may face. Ensuring that measures are in place to deal with and mitigate such crises is important in any contemporary tourism strategy.

Manuel Butler, Director of the Spanish Tourist Board in the UK, said: “Today we are at an important crossroads. Rebuilding better is crucial for Spain, which is why we focus our tourism policy on sustainability and responsibility.

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“We must chart a new course to increase, expand and consolidate with Spain and the UK working together to ensure a stronger and greener tourism recovery for the benefit of people and the planet.

“We will work closely with the UK travel industry to ensure our goals are met and create a model that benefits both the destination and our tourism partners.”

Spain is also keen to address the challenges of the climate crisis, working directly with companies in the travel and tourism sector and creating cultural and behavioral changes among employees and visitors.

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