Supreme Court Orders Victory for Those Affected by Jagannath Temple Security: BJP MP Aparajita Sarangi | Bhubaneswar News

BHUBANESWAR: Bhubaneswar MP and BJP leader Aparajita Sarangi said on Saturday that the Supreme Court ruling is a victory for those concerned about the security of Jagannath Temple. She mentioned that it clearly defines the boundaries within which the state government will have to undertake this corridor project.
In his response to the SC order regarding the Jagannath Temple Corridor Project, Sarangi said their move on Sreemandir Banchao was clearly based on the safety and security of Lord Jagannath Temple.

“Apart from tourist facilities like toilets, changing room, power lines and drainage, nothing will be done in the prohibited area,” she said while analyzing the SC order.
She said the judgment clearly exposed the state government’s lie that it did not violate the 1958 AMSAR Act.
They have admitted before the High Court of Orissa and the Supreme Court that they are now moving the Visitor Center (which was designed as a 14 meter high building and would clearly have affected the safety and security of the temple) to the no more than 100 meters area ban, she added.
“It is also very clear after the judgment of the Supreme Court that work will have to be carried out in coordination with the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). of this will be treated as a violation of AMSAR law guidelines and judgment,” the Lok Sabha member said.
She said the state government had admitted in the Supreme Court that it had paid compensation of Rs 700 crore to the people for leaving the land.

As this is public money, Sarangi said, the names of the recipients of this amount and the amount they received should be put in the public domain.
“Following the order of the SC, I sincerely wish that the State Government will carry out all activities in accordance with the provisions of the AMSAR Act of 1958 and ensure that activities during construction do not affect the structural safety of the temple. “, she said, adding that the government should appoint a full-time chief administrator of the Jagannath temple.
Puri MP and BJD leader Pinaki Mishra said on Friday that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik was justified in his serious bid to create world-class infrastructure to make Puri a world heritage site.
“He has always tried to make it apolitical, accompanying all parties every step of the way and inviting all leaders to the cornerstone ceremony until this day. I fervently appeal to all to stop obstructing this noble enterprise for personal or political gain,” he added.


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