Teenager drowns at Khadakwasla dam, young people still risk their lives in tourist spots to take selfies and videos


PUNE In a tragic incident on Saturday, an 18-year-old fell from Khadakwasla Dam and drowned. He was taking selfies and videos with his friends when the incident happened. It is the second such incident this month and raises safety concerns at the Khadakwasla Dam.

However, despite the risks and multiple warnings from the authorities, people are invading the dams, forts and other tourist sites, in turn risking their lives.

On Saturday, Ashish Subhash Furange (18), a resident of Karvenagar visited Khadkkwasla Dam with two friends at 5:30 p.m. They were swimming, when Furange climbed over the wall of the dam’s pumping station to take video. When he dove back into the water, he was swept away, police officials said.

According to police officials, his friends shouted for help and residents rushed to the scene. Furange’s body was found with the help of Nanded City Fire Station officials. Police and irrigation department officials also rushed to the scene.

Pankaj Kambale, a member of a rescue and trekking group based in Pune, said: “Young people today are enthusiastic and try to do tricks like jumping or doing stunts to take a photo or video, which is risky. They don’t realize the importance of their own safety. We raise awareness through various activities, going to the field for rescue operations and through social media about the risks involved. But self-realization is essential.

Pravin Takawane, a police officer deployed to patrol the Khadakwasla Dam, said: “We keep regular checks with the irrigation department and local villagers, and there is strict vigilance at the Chowpatty Dams. Yet there are people who don’t listen to us or who go to these places that are hidden and take the plunge for a selfie or a video, which is a risk.


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