Textile museum phase 1 will be completed by February: BMC | Bombay News


Two years after Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) began work on establishing a textile museum at the decrepit United Mills Compound 2 and 3, to showcase the old culture of the Mumbai factory, the work of its first phase will be completed by February next year, the civic body mentioned.

The museum, spread over 16.3 acres of land, will document, archive and represent Mumbai’s textile heritage.

Although Phase 1 does not include the actual exhibits for the museum, it does include a tourist attraction of a three-dimensional multimedia water fountain, on the premises of the mill. Once completed in February, the civic body is expected to open it to the public and host musical fountain shows.

A senior official from the heritage department’s civic body said: “We have been considering whether to open the museum to the public once the whole project is completed. But it will at least take another three years. The first phase will be completed in February, after which we will open it to the public. Tickets and prices have yet to be decided. “

BMC will work simultaneously on the second phase of the project, which includes the creation of the museum exhibits, structural restoration of the entire building, plumbing, drainage, fire safety, among others. This will likely take another three years, after which the civic body will begin sourcing items for the museum’s exhibits.

The musical fountain will cost the civic body ??19 crore and a supplement ??3 crore for operation and maintenance for four years. The remaining phase 1 will cost ??10 crores.

Phase two is currently being called for tenders.

BMC started working on the first phase of the project in 2019. It was a facelift for a small part of the factory compound and the work was split into two parts. The first part included improving the infrastructure of the area, restoring doors and gates and building a canteen. This part of the project is finished. The second part includes the landscaping of the area, the construction of an open-air amphitheater, the cleaning of the pond and the installation of a musical fountain. People can see the musical performance from the amphitheater.

The official said: “All that remains is to install the musical fountain. All other aspects of our first phase are complete. It took two years to complete this phase, as the heritage department received permission from the forestry authority to fell 22 affected trees in December 2020.

The three-dimensional nozzles required for the musical fountain show will be purchased in the international market. The contractor initially submitted a design to the municipal body and procured locally made nozzles. “These weren’t up to the task. They only gave us two-dimensional images. Through market research, we have learned that the type of nozzles we are looking for are not manufactured in the Indian market. We don’t want to compromise with the size of the project. Therefore, it takes longer, ”added the officer.

The entrepreneur has located German, Chinese and Korean buzzards and will purchase them within a month.


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