‘The Devil Conspiracy’ (“dEvil”), Filmed in Prague, Gets First Trailer Ahead of World Premiere — The Prague Reporter


Prague’s St. Gabriel’s Church in Smíchov appears to be a prominent filming location, with the filming of The Devil’s Conspiracy in Prague also taking place in the Klementinum building in the city center (which was also used for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) and near Platnéřská Street in Josefov.

In addition to Prague, the locations used for The Devil’s Conspiracy include popular Czech tourist attractions including Telč and its Gothic castle, the Benedictine monastery of Kladruby, the Hell’s Mine biker cave in Cvikov (which might be the real deal), and the picturesque Homolák quarry.

The supporting cast of The Devil’s Conspiracy includes Joe Anderson (across the universe, Grey) as Lucifer and Peter Mensah (300, Snake-eyes) as Archangel Michael. Joe Doyle (Salem), James Faulkner (game of thrones, Atomic Blonde), Spencer Wilding (Men in Black: International, Victor Frankenstein), and septuagenarian model Eveline Hall also stars.

Local comedian Brian Caspe stars as the mad scientist behind the cloning technology, while Prague-based actors Jim High, Kevin Michael Clarke, Pavel Kříž and Jiří Valeš are also among the cast.

Ed Alan is credited as the only screenwriter on The Devil’s Conspiracy, and also serves as a producer. Kevan Van Thompson and Václav Mottl of Czech Anglo Productions are among the film’s executive producers.

The Devil’s Conspiracy will have its world premiere next Saturday during the closing night of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. The festival guide hints at a fun tone for the film.

“This world premiere is one of the most tempting pitches, not to say the most audacious of recent years! If director Nathan Frankowski was aware of the risks he was taking with such a scenario, he had the good idea not to limit his imagination,” reads the description at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

“The result? A gloriously deadpan spectacle that makes it seem like Chuck Norris would walk right into The Da Vinci Code and crush the place to a bloody mess. Is that why Christ died on the cross?

A theatrical/streaming release for The Devil’s Conspiracya.k.a devilhas not yet been announced.


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