The economical way to go on vacation this summer


So while prices have risen in lira, a cup of coffee in the popular south coast destination of Marmaris now costs just 59 pence on average, according to the Post Office’s Holiday Cost Barometer, which compares prices of everyday local items. A three course dinner for two costs on average just £16 and a bottle of beer will set you back £1.50. He found that Turkey had the lowest cost of living among all destinations in terms of pounds.

However, the country, the 10th most popular holiday destination this year for British tourists according to travel agency ABTA, is relatively expensive to get to. Flights cost an average of £292, while the average cost of a hotel room is £134 a night, according to data compiled for this newspaper by comparison site Kayak.

Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Portugal are all cheaper, although they are the first, third, fourth, fifth and sixth most popular destinations respectively.

According to the data, Spain and France had cheaper hotel prices at night, although the latter was only £1 a night cheaper than Turkey. The average price for a hotel per night in Spain was just £121 per night, making accommodation £130 cheaper for a 10 night stay.

Spain also ranked well for daily holiday spending, ranked the sixth best-value destination out of 36 destinations in the Post Office Barometer. In comparison, France was one of the most expensive destinations, ranking 26th. A three-course dinner for two, for example, costs nearly £72.

Prices in Spain are rising faster than in other parts of the continent and are now nearly 10% higher than a year ago, compared to 5.1% in France, 7% in Italy, 7.2% in Greece and 4.2% in Portugal.

Moreover, the purchasing power of all these countries is limited due to the good performance of the euro against the pound. £1 is currently worth around €1.18.


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