The Tower of Terror sign will be removed from the World Drive median


Walt Disney World removes the large long-standing panel that looks like The Tower of Terror of the middle of World Drive, the company informed the employees.

The structure, a kind of vertical billboard, was installed in the mid-1990s. It remained in place Wednesday afternoon, but heavy machinery and orange signal barrels were near the site, which is between Buena Vista Drive and Osceola Parkway.

The three-dimensional ad depicted a skinny, shorter version of the 199-foot-tall attraction, surrounded by clouds and lightning and “falling” elevator carriages with passengers on either side. The effects have worked intermittently in recent years, and there have been online reports of mechanical creaking noises.

The sign will be replaced with landscaping, and Disney confirms that the current Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction, which opened in 1994, will remain in operation.

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