This former Buffalo quarterback has the *most* unique favorite wing spot

Photo courtesy of Dandelion Restaurant

“You don’t say buffalo wings to buffalo”

They are just wings.

Anyone could tell you that Buffalo is known for its wings, the famous wing spots being those at Anchor Bar or Duff’s. Although these places are the destinations of tour guides, every Buffalo resident has their go-to spot for their favorite wings.

A big question that comes up often in sports interviews with anyone who has played in our city is “What’s your favorite wing spot?”


As a guest on Pardon My Podcast Plugformer Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was asked this question (1:16:35).

His response: “Dandelions is where I used to go all the time with the linemen.” He goes on to say that when he first came to Buffalo, he ordered wings with a ranch and immediately found out that if you’re in Buffalo, IT’S BLUE CHEESE! 😂

Located in Williamsville, Dandelions is generally known for its fish fries, brick oven pizza, and steak and dandelion sandwich, but as Fitzpatrick says, “Wherever you go, you can order wings, no matter what. type of restaurant.

If you’ve never had dandelion wings before, now is the time to try them.

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