Tourism in Estrie is back in full swing


By Aiden Wilson
Special for disc

The tourist season was officially launched in the Eastern Townships on Thursday morning with a meeting held to discuss all the new possibilities that visitors have to explore through the beautiful region.
The conference, hosted by Jean-Philippe Dion, featured representatives from across the region coming together to share their plans for the upcoming summer.
The director general of Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est, Annie Langevin, expressed the organization’s desire to increase the region’s tourism potential with new, innovative attractions.
With this summer promising to be more normal than previous ones, the hope is that American and Canadian visitors from everywhere can once again come and experience what the townships have to offer.
Multiple media and promotional campaigns are planned with a comprehensive tourist guide to come.
Langevin said that to achieve these goals, they will invest $500,000 in tourism development in the area.
They wish to maintain their existing tourist traffic within Quebec while diversifying and encouraging those from everywhere to discover the region.
The ‘what to do this weekend’ post and new artisan showcase aim to bring people to all the interesting things they might not have found otherwise.
On the news side, the various regional members talked about what’s to come.
From Destination Sherbrooke, Marie-Claude Vidal unveiled her new attraction passport program which offers passes for three to five uses up to 50% of the individual price. Passes will be usable for museums, escape rooms, kayaks, e-bikes, movies and more.
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