Tourism Johor adds complaints feature to its app


Tourism Johor is adding a complaints feature to its Johor Tourism Interchange (JTI) app to allow tourists to report any issues encountered during their stay.

Chairman of the Johor Tourism, Environment, Heritage and Culture Committee, K. Raven Kumar, said tourists are required to register digitally on site before reporting a problem.

“We want to expand the functionality of our app to help domestic and international tourists find useful information and also to ensure they receive the best service.

“Every tourism stakeholder should ensure that their venue is up to safety and clean standards as we have given ample time for them,” he said after the launch of Majestic Johor Safe & Majestic Johor Clean 2022, as well as the Majestic Johor Award 2022 in Johor Baru.

All complaints from tourists will be taken seriously and relevant parties should rectify their mistakes immediately, he said.

“Johor was the number one tourist spot in 2021, and after the reopening of international borders, our hotels were fully booked, especially over the weekend.

“We are also the only state that has an app to guide tourists to places to visit,” Raven Kumar said.

Separately, he said the Johor Dive program has been postponed to July next year due to the monsoon season.

The program was one of the events that was to wrap up this year’s tourism activities ahead of the Majestic Johor Award in December, he said.

“It was to be held over three days, from October 8 to 10.

“We made all the preparations, but due to bad weather we decided to play it safe,” he explained.

He added that Mersing Island would generally be closed to all tourist activities during the monsoon season and operations would resume once the monsoon ended.

Among the planned activities were the release of baby sea turtles, the removal of crown-of-thorns starfish, trekking on Pulau Tinggi as well as diving in the waters of Pulau Aur and Pulau Mensirip.

Raven Kumar said that although the number of activities in national parks has also been reduced, there are other places people can visit during the rainy season.


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