Travel to Italy: current COVID-19 entry rules and other restrictions


Italy continues to keep COVID-19 entry rules in place for all travelers despite the approaching summer travel season.

In an order issued on April 28, Italy’s health ministry announced that the country had decided to extend the current entry rules until May 31. So travelers from all countries are still required to follow COVID rules when arriving in Italy, reports.

According to the Italian Ministry of Health, all travellers, whether coming from an EU country or a non-EU country, must present a valid vaccination, recovery or test certificate in order to to avoid additional restrictions.

“As of May 1, regardless of the country of entry into Italy, the traveler must present to the carrier and to the person in charge of checking the COVID-19 green certificate or any other equivalent certificate”, the ministry statement said.

In addition to presenting these documents, the ministry emphasizes that everyone must respect the validity period that applies to vaccination, recovery and test certificates.

Arriving in Italy, a vaccination certificate is recognized provided that it proves that the holder has completed the primary vaccination within the last nine months or has received an additional dose of vaccine.

Regarding the recovery certificate, the ministry explains that the document is accepted as long as it proves that the holder fell ill in the last 180 days with COVID-19 and recovered. The test confirming that the individual has already been infected with the virus must be carried out by a professional.

Travelers who have not been cured or vaccinated against the virus can also enter Italy for travel purposes, provided they present a negative COVID-19 test result upon their arrival. Italy accepts both PCR tests and rapid antigen tests. The PCR test must be carried out within 72 hours before arrival and the rapid antigen test must be carried out within 48 hours before arrival in Italy.

Travelers who do not hold any of the three certificates are required to self-quarantine for a period of five days upon arrival in Italy. Once this period is over, they must undergo tests.

Even though Italy continues to keep entry rules in place for travelers, the country has already eased some other rules.

Italy has already lifted the passenger locator form requirement. Such a requirement was dropped on May 1.

In addition, the country also dropped the mask and Green Health Pass requirement.

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