UP to upgrade Amangarh Tiger Reserve, rename it to “New Jim Corbett”


By Vivek Tripathi

Lucknow, Nov 6 (IANS): As part of its efforts to protect wildlife, the government of Uttar Pradesh plans to upgrade Amangarh Tiger Reserve, located next to Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, and name it “New Jim Corbett “.

The government will launch a campaign to protect the areas where the tigers roam to provide a safe haven for the variable local wildlife population and protect the unique forest area

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath gave instructions for this at a high-level meeting and is expected to be approved by the Cabinet soon.

A forest area, spread over 80 square kilometers in Amangarh district of Bijnor, will be the subject of a tiger safari.

Besides, it will also be related to eco-tourism and Ganga. Apart from this, global tourist destination type facilities will also be made available for tourists here. With this, the inhabitants will have new job opportunities.

The number of tigers in Uttar Pradesh is 173. Being part of Jim Corbett Park, a large number of tigers are also found in this forest area. In addition to the tiger safari, tourists coming here will also be delighted to see many types of birds, flora, as well as rivers, waterfalls and mountains. Other than that, they can see leopards, tigers, and deer up close.

Apart from jungle safari, activities such as elephant riding, camping and trekking can also be done in this area. A mahout will be organized for an elephant ride. At the same time, trainers will be retained for camping and trekking. With this, tourists will be able to enjoy their trip safely.

All arrangements will be made here for the stay of tourists. In addition to government pension rooms with modern facilities, private hotels will also be opened here. The government will also provide facilities for a resort and a canteen for food.

Tourists coming to Amangarh can also enjoy Ganga tourism. Mahatma Vidur Ki Kuti, Balawali and Ganga Barrage from Bijnor are included in the Ganga Tour.

Amangarh is also included in the Yogi government’s One District One Destination (ODOD) scheme. In this context, it will be linked to ecotourism and tourists will be able to spend their holidays by swimming pools or lakes. It will also be a very suitable place for a day trip.

The Chief Minister believes that cultural, religious and forestry tourism in UP will play an important role in making the state’s economy a trillion dollar.

State Minister for Forests and Environment Arun Kumar Saxena said: “Part of the Jim Corbett Park falls at Amangarh. We plan to call it New Jim Corbett. Tigers roam a lot in this part. It is therefore very important to protect them. This is why the government is working very quickly in this direction. It will be approved by the cabinet. After that, his plan will be ready.

“India has been working on tiger conservation for two decades. As a result, the number of tigers in the country has doubled in the last 8 years,” he added.

After Dudhwa, Pilibhit and Amangarh, Ranipur in Chitrakoot has been declared the fourth tiger reserve in UP. Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary has been awarded the status of the country’s 53rd tiger reserve by the central government.

India is famous for tiger conservation. There were only nine tiger reserves in the country in 1973, which have now grown to 53.


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