“Venture Deeper” in St. Kitts Refreshing New Brand Campaign


St. Kitts Tourism Board’s Latest Rebrand Celebrates Discovery and Curiosity as Lifetime Activities in Travel

LOWLAND, Saint Kitts, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority launched the destination’s new brand campaign titled “Venture deeperThe new campaign builds on the distinct characteristics of the island while introducing elements of introspective self-discovery and intention that meet the goals of today’s travelers.

Saint Kitts is relatively new to tourism, only focusing its efforts and resources on tourism for the past 20 years. This gives our island a very different philosophy in the Caribbeansaid the Honorable Marsha Henderson, Minister of Tourism for Saint Kitts and Nevis. “We are contemplative, nostalgic and moving. We call on intrepid travelers eager to explore, learn and fully immerse themselves in a new experience. There are many layers to uncover when exploring Saint Kittsand we are delighted that the campaign presents this unique positioning to the world.”

The brand’s new aesthetic comes from the island itself, with a color palette of soft, muted and earthy tones, including deep green and pastel pink inspired by the destination’s lush rainforest, beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets. There “Venture deeper“The visual elements capture authentic moments with a vintage touch. By including different points of view, the revisited photography invokes the sense of discovery and magnetic qualities of the island that is at the heart of the brand.

The Tourism Authority unveiled the new brand campaign to media and stakeholders on Tuesday 20 September, at an exclusive event held at New York City. Attendees were immersed in a full sensory experience showcasing the new “Deepe Companyr” campaign.

“Our event showcased the brilliant creative minds who worked closely with our team to create a campaign that evokes the spirit of our island,” said Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, CEO of St. Kitts Tourism Authority. “The response has been incredible so far, with many praising the low-key yet strong features of the campaign. We look forward to the”Venture deeper“a campaign that resonates with travellers, who discover for themselves all that the destination has to offer.”

There “Venture deeper“The campaign includes visuals and written content to encourage exploration of Saint Kitts which will cover the Tourism Authority’s website, social media, as well as advertisements on TV, outdoor and digital channels. Motion photography and still photography introduce a mix of lifestyle imagery that gives a documentary feel, while black and white imagery uses intentional blurring of subjects to draw audiences onto the island, creating more of depth, intimacy and sophistication.

In addition to the visual elements, the content reflects the culture and history of Saint Kitts, as well as all the moving discoveries travelers make across the island. Travelers really venture deeper in Saint Kitts as they hike the rim of Mount Liamuiga’s dormant volcanic crater with a local guide; learn about the flora and fauna of the Central Forest Reserve National Park; immerse yourself in the destination’s intricate history at Brimstone Hill, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; explore the art of textile design at Caribelle Batik and Romney Mansion; cross the remaining sugarcane fields throughout the island on the last railway of the Caribbean; relax on beaches of golden sand, pepper and salt or volcanic black sand; soak up the sounds of the internationally acclaimed music festival; diving wrecks; or enjoy a rich culinary culture fusing Caribbean island ingenuity and local ingredients with Old World traditions.

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About Saint Kitts

Saint Kitts is the larger of the two islands that make up the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. 29 kilometers of verdant mountain ranges stretch from Mount Liamuiga in the north to the southern peninsula – each end an entirely different and equally rewarding experience. The island’s prime location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea gives its coastline distinctly varied hues. Our beaches range from golden tones to salt and pepper and alluring black volcanic sand. Venture deeper into the magic of Saint Kitts and discover what the destination has in store for you, while simultaneously venturing introspectively on a journey of self-discovery. Peel away the many layers of our beautiful island to discover culture, history, adventure and culinary delights around every corner.

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