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Waqf board chairman Dr Darakhshan Andrabi was praised by Moulvis and others at the Baramulla Sufi shrine on Saturday.

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BARAMULLA, 24th September: The Chairman of Jammu & Kashmir Waqf Board, Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi today said that the Waqf Board has received overwhelming public support from the general public in its campaign to bring reforms and transparency in systems in addition to blocking the misuse of public donations.
Andrabi said as much during his visit to two Sufi shrines in northern Kashmir today. She paid homage to the Sufi shrine of Syed Murad Bukhari in Kreeri and the shrine of Peer Janbaz Wali in Baramulla.
She was accompanied by former Minister Syed Basharat Bukhari and Waqf Board Executive Magistrate Ishtiaq Mohiuddin.
Dr. Andrabi interacted with the staff of the Waqf Council and prominent citizens of the two shrines and assured them of the modernization and development of the facilities of these shrines. She also gave an update on the facilities of these sanctuaries.
The Waqf Chairman also held a meeting with the Imams of the district at a special convention held in Baramulla during which they commended Dr. Andrabi for his reform decisions aimed at making the organization transparent and credible.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Darakhshan said that the majority population of J&K welcomed the bold decisions of the Waqf Council, but few beneficiaries of the illegal or corrupt practices oppose the decisions.
“The new Waqf Board is committed to making this organization a productive unit, a transparent and public welfare entity so that the donations of those managed by the Board are used for the greater public good.
Dr Andrabi praised the role of religious preachers, scholars and intellectuals for their guidance and support in transforming the Waqf into a publicly accountable organization.
“We are making big decisions to turn Waqf into J&K. Investigations into past irregularities are ongoing and we will soon release the reports of corruption and mismanagement in the past,” Dr Andrabi said.
She said that no corruption and irregularities of any kind will be tolerated by the Waqf administration.

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