Will these 5 long-closed Walt Disney World attractions ever reopen?


With Fantasmic! set to return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this holiday season, it looks like the pandemic era of Walt Disney World is finally over, with rides all operating at full capacity throughout the resort, beloved characters meeting again (and hugging!) guests, and live shows to perform at venues inside all four theme parks.

However, despite all these reopenings, we couldn’t help but notice that some corners of Walt Disney World have remained quietly closed for the past few years, with Disney avoiding making announcements about the fate of some of its long-running attractions. date as it resumes post-pandemic operations. With that in mind, we can’t help but wonder if Walt Disney World has in fact permanently closed some of the following attractions without making an official announcement.

1. Enchanted Tales with Belle (Magic Kingdom)

Picture: Disney

Even though other experiences and character shows have returned to Walt Disney World, the show-character interaction hybrid attraction Tales of Enchantment with Belle has yet to reopen alongside them. The official Walt Disney World website lists this attraction as “temporarily unavailable,” but given that Enchanted Tales with Belle hasn’t reopened in over two years, we’re starting to wonder if that temporary might be changed to mean permanently in the near future.

Late last year fans were hoping for a potential reopening as building permits were filed for the location of this attraction, many were hoping this meant preparations were underway for Enchanted Tales With Belle to be at new ready for guests. However, in the months that followed, no work apparently took place (at least, from a guest perspective), and this former Fantasyland staple (which was modestly popular before 2020) remained closed. Anyone can guess what Disney might do with this space if this attraction remains closed forever, but for now, guests can stroll by Belle’s cottage and hope that maybe, this tale as old as the time could be told again someday in the future.

2. Main Street Tram Show (Magic Kingdom)

Picture: Disney

Once a staple of Main Street USA, the Main Street Trolley show featured the Citizens of Main Street welcoming guests to the Magic Kingdom, while singing and dancing to different songs, which changed seasonally. Characters greeted and interacted with guests, and the show was an important part of the park’s “streetmosphere,” giving guests a taste of the Magic Kingdom’s world-class entertainment as they made their way to Cinderella’s Castle. . However, this show did not return after the park reopened in 2020, and even worse, the attraction website for this show, which previously claimed to be “temporarily unavailable”, has now been completely removed from Walt Disney’s site. World.

While it’s possible we could see the Main Street Trolley Show return later under a different name or with an alternate theme, it seems more likely that this is an attraction that will simply never return to the Magic. Kingdom.


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