Your Ultimate Winter Travel Guide


Contrary to popular opinion, winter is a great time to get out and experience the world around you. Whether you’re planning a trip for the holidays or just looking for inspiration for the months ahead, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to satisfy your urge to explore IRL, in partnership with T-Mobile.

It all starts with our Ultimate City Guides, where we get to know some of our favorite cities across the country that have undergone significant transformations over the past two years. Find out where to eat, what to do and where to stay in Seattle, DC, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Then we’ll help you find the best cities to explore with our Winter Escapes video series. Launch the game and transport yourself to the Catskills, Chesapeake Bay, Berkshires, Lake Michigan, North Coast, Joshua Tree, San Juan Islands, and Highland Lakes.

Near or far, T-Mobile’s 5G coverage network is bigger and better than ever, meaning you’ll never lose signal when trying to post a photo of your new favorite restaurant on Instagram or on Instagram. an impromptu roadside dance on TikTok. Speaking of which, we also found the best roadside quirks, hip towns, and hidden gems that are only a short drive away with our winter travel guide. This includes the Pacific Coast Highway, the Adirondacks, the North Cascades Highway, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and road trips from the Twin Cities, Dallas, Boston and Chicago.

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