Yuletide: FCTA crackdown on suspected criminals around Abuja tourist site


The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) on Monday launched another attack on the thug stronghold around the popular tourist site of Mpape CrushRock, dislodging criminal elements suspected of terrorizing and robbing both residents and citizens. tourists.

It was then that he was removing all illegal structures rebuilt by roadside traders after they were cleared a few months ago.

The Mpape Crush Rock aquatic site is one of the tourist attractions already identified by the FCTA, which has caught the attention of private sector investors.

It was learned that in collaboration with the government, the processes of developing its full tourism potential had started, but the activities of thugs in the region remained a major challenge.

The exercise led by Ikharo Attah, Senior Special Assistant to the CTF Minister for Oversight, Inspection and Enforcement, went on for hours, ending the criminal siege on criminals in the region.

Attah noted that the two CTF ministers were working hard to begin construction on the Mpape road projects, but residents continued to distract attention by violating development plans.

He added that the aggressive attack on illegalities around the tourist site was aimed at ensuring the safety of tourists during this Yuletide and the holidays.

As he revealed that many tourists had been harassed and molested by thugs at the site, including one of Senate Deputy Speaker Lara Wise’s media assistants, he said the administration cannot not watch while the criminal elements continue their reign of terror.

According to him, even Mpape’s divisional police officer, CSP Adamu Faisa, who had previously called for the thugs to be dislodged, was happy that the site was finally secure.

Attah, while warning locals and other residents of Mpape, who were rebuilding the demolished illegal structures, noted that the administration will not give in to continued operations.

Attah said: “Coming back to Mpape today is doing two things, clearing the road which is already congested. They are already rebuilding the illegal structures, secondly, to dislodge the thugs from this tourist site, which has been a problem.

“Looking around here you will see the activities of scavengers and thugs, making tourist activities here very difficult. We have cleared here before and these thugs are gone, but unfortunately they are regrouping. The thugs snatched people’s bags and made them pay a certain amount.

Also speaking, Deputy Director of the Abuja Environmental Protection Council Kaka Bello said his team would step up operations in the region to continue to drive thugs out of the region.

Bello also noted that since those who rebuild the illegal structures are not bent on breaking the laws, his team will not give up on law enforcement either.


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