Zoos SA shares information on the sustainability of the new visitor center at Monarto Safari Park


With the new Monarto Safari Park Visitor Center opening to members from Wednesday March 23 and to the general public from Friday March 25, 2022, Zoos SA has shared information regarding the sustainability of the visitor center construction. Home.

Zoos SA Managing Director Elaine Bensted notes that “As a conservation charity, Zoos SA takes the protection and upkeep of the Ngarrindjeri land on which the new center is located very seriously. Home.

“Above all, it was essential that we conduct a cultural study. This land study was undertaken by the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal Corporation and signed at the end of 2021 before the start of construction.

“When it came to choosing the design, we couldn’t look past the design of local architectural firms Intro and Studio Gram. Their design for the Monarto Safari Park Visitor Center is a celebration and recognition of both indigenous land and African wildlife and reflects the species we care for at Monarto Safari Park.

Introductory director Terry Boxall believes the design, in collaboration with Studio Gram, represents people’s connection to the environment through education and history.

Boxall advises “the design reflects an understanding that conservation begins with a humanity that appreciates nature. It was important to us to create a memorable transition experience from Australia to Africa where every visitor leaves with a greater knowledge, and as an ambassador for the Parc Safari de Monarto.”

Despite construction starting in early 2021, the use of natural materials such as rammed earth and corten steel, means the new visitor center looks like it’s been there forever. Regardless of its size, it merges with the plains of Monarto Mallee that surround it and stretch out to the horizon, but it still has that jaw-dropping “wow” factor.

Les Jones, Director of Property and Development for Zoos SA, adds “in addition to complementing its environment, we chose clay as it also offers passive cooling and insulation properties with little or no ongoing maintenance. required.

“And, what little paint the building needs has been carefully chosen to contain low-volatile organic compounds, creating fewer emissions.

“Together with designers and builders Mossop Construction + Interiors, Zoos SA opted to maximize the optimal orientation with high performance double glazed windows which are highly valued, among other things, for the environmental benefits of reducing the need for unnecessary energy consumption.

“However, even when heating and/or cooling is required, the center is equipped with high-efficiency heating and cooling units which, along with the rest of the building, run on electricity provided by renewable technology initiatives. such as the photovoltaic solar generation system.. This system converts solar radiation into electricity using photovoltaic technology.

“Conserving the precious falling water and minimizing any waste was also a priority in terms of design and choice.

“I am delighted with our choice to collect rainwater and use it for toilets and irrigation throughout the centre. Naturally, this will also be ensured by water-saving taps and appliances. »

When it comes to lighting, the new visitor center features motion-sensor LEDs that ensure controlled and efficient lighting, meaning the floodlights remain very much geared towards sustainable construction.

The drop-in center project received $11.25 million in funding from the Australian Government under the Community Development Grants program and $4.55 million from the Government of South Australia at a total cost of 16 $.8 million for the construction of the new entrance and visitor center. The rural town of Murray Bridge also contributed to the project with the construction of a new ramp from Monarto Road.

Nine sustainability facts about the construction of the Monarto Safari Park Visitor Center:

1. 95% of site waste (68.55 tonnes of general waste, concrete, steel, green/wood and cardboard) was recycled at the Visitor Center site. This is the equivalent weight of 34 southern white rhinoceros bulls.

2. The walls of the visitor center are dirt. The environmental benefits of this type of construction are that they have high insulating properties, with the walls remaining cool during the day and releasing heat at night when the surrounding ambient temperature drops.

3. A 28,000m² car park and 13,000m² additional car park is equivalent to approximately half the landmass occupied by Adelaide Zoo. Note that the base of the car park was built from materials with low embodied energy, i.e. ground and obtained on site.

4. Other low embodied energy materials used on the project include rammed earth walls constructed from majority materials obtained from a local quarry and natural timber.

5. The entire southwest quadrant of the roof of the new Visitor Center is covered in solar panels with the possibility of extending the panels at a later date.

6. Water saving initiatives – rainwater collected from the roof for toilets and irrigation and water saving taps and fixtures.

7. Choice of materials requiring low ongoing maintenance, such as all exterior walls constructed from a combination of rammed earth and pre-finished wall sheathing, window frames, veranda soffits and roof sheets.

8. High performance glazing a combination of low-e single glazing or low-e double glazing.

9. Reduced demand for electricity supply due to installation of solar panels, LED lighting, heat recovery air conditioning, control and monitoring of ventilation and lighting taken supported by a building management system (BMS), a hot water heating system using heat pump technology, thermal mass and high performance glazing.

Zoos SA is a non-profit conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction. For ticketing and more information on visiting Monarto Safari Park www.zoossa.com.au/

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